An expansive digital home for an award-winning technology services provider – designed and built for excellence

One of the most difficult things to achieve in business is representing your offer or service in a way that attracts clients. It’s tough. Especially if you are trying to create a digital representation of your brand that captures all the magic. Having struggled to do their business justice online, Tecala came to us. Why?

Tecala came to us with a modest landing page and a general interest in developing their online presence. The deeper we delved into their brand and operations, the more we discovered that Tecala is an expansive, multi-skilled organisation that, if optimally represented, could profoundly and positively impact their clients. The brief was formed with this end in mind and a 3-part objective as the overarching inspiration.

We want people to know who we are and what we can do… for them

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Our Solution – Enhance UX, brand and connectivity with target audiences

Reimagining Tecala’s digital impact required a website comprehensive enough to match the scope of their services, ideals and objectives. In order to provide online visitors with a clear sense of what Tecala can do for them, we:

  • introduced and positioned Tecala as a warm, authoritative and forward-thinking IT subject matter expert
  • emphasised the high standards against which their successes are measured
  • clearly communicated Tecala’s unique approach to all available services
  • underlined their focus and skill in facilitating growth, innovation and ‘brilliance’
  • forged connections through emotion, empathy and humanism

Tecala’s website is now an interactive digital experience that captures these brand experience imperatives through:

  • Bold, succinct language grabs the user’s attention
  • Clearly defined sections and sub-sections allow for ease of navigation and clarity of service
  • A three-tone colour scheme is striking but never in your face

But the imagery selected also helps bring the experience together. Imaginatively photographed and curated photography illustrates the way the organisation functions, adding layers to the UX.

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But let’s talk Return on investment (ROI)

It is generally agreed that digital platforms have a commercial function as well and we were able to furnish Tecala with a website that ably supports the marketing function. By focusing on the overarching goal of building a sales and marketing platform upon which the Tecala team’s best work could be done, we created a solution that actually adds value to the brand, the bottom line and the all-important user experience.

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The freedom to evolve

Tecala is now represented by a platform that will serve them for years to come. Not only through the attention it attracts, but through its adaptable design. We created the site with the flexibility to evolve as Tecala evolves, equipping personnel with the tools to expand the site in a dynamic fashion. Adding a new page isn’t merely a case of filling in a rigid, pre-existing template – Tecala are able to work on a canvas, selecting and assembling assets in new and creative ways. In other words, the website is a living and breathing entity, rather than a fixed formation.

Like any online solution strategically designed for a return on investment, Digital Marketing performance was at the heart of the decision to embark on this project. So, it was critical it performed a supporting role for Rocket Agency to create and manage Marketing Campaigns. Now all marketing activity can be executed on the platform as it was designed in collaboration with both Tecala and Rockets needs too. No project operates in a silo so it’s important all components were considered to ensure long term success.

The site also captures Tecala’s company culture and brand personality, stressing the importance of the client relationship and the high standards they set for themselves. Each page is representative of their professionalism but also approachability, confidence, warmth, practicality and ingenuity. Every choice that we made throughout the design process was in service of creating this carefully considered IT ecosphere – one that section by section, page by page and line by line, accelerates brilliance.

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