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Our People

After 20 years of BJM digital, our people continue to make all the difference


Until we can machine-manufacture intuition, nuance, intent and empathy, we’ll have to rely on humans to interact most effectively with human end users and clients.  But for now, that’s probably best for everyone.  Our team of extraordinary humans with resumes as diverse as the briefs we meet, relish engineering, encapsulating and drawing on the human touch to better create digital experiences that your brand, services or products.

We are actively seeking new team members to join us in expanding our range of services and enhancing our ability to connect clients with their customers.

The dream team



Count on us

We always meet and often exceed expectations, do what we say we will do, act with integrity and take responsibility for our actions. We keep our promises, even if it takes extra effort.


& Embrace Growth

We always find solutions to problems and remove barriers to achieve desired outcomes. We collaborate and apply lessons learnt from failures to develop and improve ourselves.


Great at what we do

We take pride in our work, set ourselves challenging goals and anticipate and adapt to challenges.


Here for you

We communicate respectfully, we listen and value all points of view, and appreciate no person or client is the same. We value each other’s and our client’s contribution, and we inspire each other to learn and grow.


Passion and Energy

We consistently demonstrate positivity and optimism and exude good vibes. We cultivate a sense of belonging, support and lift each other up and we are proud of our achievements.

Our approach

We make life easier for you by ensuring successful project delivery, everytime.

Delivery process

Experience the power of proven delivery processes.

Our services

Learn how we help you speak directly to your customer