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Before we build your website, we test ideas, workflows, design and interface touches, and user responses.

Protoyping allows us to visualise, test, revise and perfect your website for a more engaging, immersive and effective user experience.”

Ashley Pickering, Senior UI Designer

Before they put a new design on the production line, car manufacturers create prototypes they can evaluate for aerodynamics, driveability, buyer reactions and more. That way they can avoid costly mistakes and revisions on the production line. Our prototyping is the same – it gives you and us the opportunity to “test drive” a range of ideas and features before committing to them.

Why prototyping makes sense and saves dollars.

User-focused design.

Creating interactive prototypes that accurately reproduce the final build allows us to try different design approaches and ideas, and gather feedback on useability and functionality. It’s a comprehensive “try before you buy” mechanism that ensures the final design meets everyone’s expectations – including your customers’.

Visualising ideas.

Prototyping helps bring abstract concepts to life. It allows you to experience the website’s layout, navigation, and functionality before investing in full development. It gives you confidence that you’re making the right decisions, provides our team with an explicit roadmap to success, and fosters collaboration with you at every step.

Testing and refinement.

Our prototypes allow us to test various design concepts, functionalities, and user flows. We can “test drive” these to identify and address any useability, navigation or design issues early on. By the time we get to the build, all the design, functionality and technical challenges have been well and truly ironed out.

Effective communication.

Prototypes are a meeting point where everyone involved can see that they’re on the same page. They provide a practical representation of the website’s design, making it easier to communicate ideas, functionalities, and user interactions. They generate valuable feedback, allowing us to have informed discussions and make adjustments based on stakeholder input.

Save money and time.

Building a prototype before commencing the build helps us avoid costly revisions during development. Test driving the prototype helps identify design and useability issues early, minimising the need for extensive reworks, and saving time and costs. By addressing design details upfront, we can streamline the development process, delivering a more efficient and cost-effective website construction.

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