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User Testing (UAT)

Giving your users the reins.

UAT empowers users to shape the final product according to their needs and aspirations.

Catching issues early on and optimising the user experience, UAT sets the stage for a successful and well-received site launch.”

Alex Power, Senior UX researcher

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a crucial phase in the software development life cycle where end-users or a representative group of users evaluate the system’s functionality, useability, and overall performance.

Selecting from a suite of testing platforms, we look at the original project goals within the context of the user’s specific environment, to test direct and indirect goals, and assess user perception and usability in the most accurate and seamless way possible.

Mitigating the risk.

By identifying and resolving issues before the website goes live, we ensure a smoother and more reliable deployment. Users gain confidence in the software when they actively participate in the testing process, leading to higher adoption rates and successful implementation.

And of course.. bug catching!

By involving actual users, we create real-world scenarios and feedback, allowing us to address any issues specific to their needs. This valuable input improves the user experience and boosts satisfaction, ensuring that your product and service lineup – and the user’s ‘happy path’ – is optimised to suit your customers’ primary goals and needs.

What UAT gives you:

User satisfaction

We know that testing with real people results in real improvements, leading to higher satisfaction and adoption rates.

Risk minimisation.

UAT reduces the likelihood of post-launch issues by addressing potential problems in the final stage of development, saving time and the costs associated with revisions or fixes.

Business process validation.

It’s critical that the end goal – making communication with your customers a two way street and conducting business with them – is realised by the time we launch. UAT is the time and place to test the robustness and efficacy of these pathways.

Requirement validation.

UAT ensures that the software meets your specified requirements and fulfills user needs, aligning it with their expectations.

Defect identification.

Minor defects, bugs, and useability issues can creep in at any time, and UAT allows us to catch these annoying but easily dealt with issues prior to launch.

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