“Do they have the technical wherewithal to deliver the job in full and on time? Do they understand our organisation, our systems, and how to work with our IT teams and security requirements?

Will the design:

  • Optimise commercial opportunities?
  • Deliver better user experiences?
  • Increase conversions rates?

These are three important questions, that lead clients to BJM. And usually, they are looking for knowledgeable, experienced operators that work collaboratively and have the technical acumen to positively impact both brand and commercial outcomes to answer those questions.

The brief in brief

In today’s world of finance acquisition, things move very fast and people want to seize on opportunities as they arrive – not weeks or months later.

NOW Finance came to us because they needed an app to counter a specific problem. Due to a number of factors, customers were disengaging during the sign-on or application form-filling process, which hurts the bottom line – and reputation – relationship building opportunities. NOW Finance understood this challenge and returned to us after we designed and built their website with an interesting additional challenge.

Four challenges and their solutions, folded into one cohesive app

Could we make it even easier for customers to get what they need from NOW Finance – even if they’re super busy and seeking a financier that could be flexible and helpful during the application process?

In other words, BJM, please help us to:

  1. Secure people’s business
  2. Display the applicable information to help inform personal or commercial decisions
  3. Secure the necessary data to optimise efficiency and insights
  4. Give back people’s time while creating a seamless stress-free process.

“Yes” was the answer.

How do we present as a brand, and how do we help customers through the selection process

Having worked on the website for NOW Finance, it was time to design and build the complementary app that would deliver on the brief.

Feedback on NOW Finance’s previous application process was underwhelming. Having been sold on NOW Finance’s offer, potential clients were:

  • abandoning the form when they had to break from the process or were interrupted

  • frustrated by the subpar user experience

  • experiencing issues because of problems around personalisation

The work behind what worked for our client

By conducting user research, by engaging with our existing segmentation data and helping us reassess our customers, not just now, but into the future… That helped us crystallise and articulate who we are and what we offer in a simple and accessible way.”

So having built the website in a previous project, we now needed to design and build what was a very complex application process featuring:

  • The utility to change your loan amounts, complete required steps, progress through the form (at your own pace) and secure the loan
  • Intuitive mapping that enables customers to apply for an application by carrying out the requisite credit checks
  • equally complex integrations working with their own internal API and a cadre of third-party platforms

Importantly, all the complexity and functionality needed to sit behind an online form that was absolutely structurally and functionally sound yet simple to work through.

“This was able to take the customer through a much more simplified journey to get them through the door and completing their lending process in a more efficient way.”

To get to that point, we needed to work with NOW Finance’s IT team as well as ensure that security remained a focus. Without that, there’s no trust, no confidence and then very little to no business. So this app, this form was never solely about convenience – it was so much more.

"They will come at your business from a different perspective you would never have thought about, and come at you with a different perspective and get you really excites about what the future will bring.”
Chris Maccan, Now Finance, Marketing

Here’s what success looked like:

Potential clients saw an easy-to-understand form that delivered on the brand proposition of convenience, seamless processes and rapid responses, with the security and features that are not only desired but demanded.

“Throughout the project, it felt like BJM was part of our team, they understood who we are and where we want to go.

I’d recommend BJM because of their expertise in design and their ability to deliver beyond expectations.”


Behind the form, the design includes functionality that:

  • Clearly displayed products
  • Validates inputs and offers feedback on potential data entry errors
  • Draws in data (API) and converts it to useful, actionable insights
  • Features a calculator to inform, enable and validate customer options and decision making using the “get my rate” button
  • Generates leads through calls to action (CTAs)

“This enabled us to turn around our bottom line by getting more applications in through the door.”

This was an investment in relationship management that began paying dividends right from the launch.

“Probably the smoothest loan process i’ve ever experienced. So easy to deal with, online platforms were easy to use and everything just worked. Customer service were really fast to respond to emails. From initial application to settlement took only 3 business days. Very impressed!”

If your business or organisation relies on ongoing client/customer satisfaction and solutions to challenges regardless of complexity, feel free to contact BJM at ben@bjmdigital.com.au