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The online and real-world real estate investment advisory space is every bit as congested as the current market for residential properties. “Blue Wealth was created so the best education and opportunities were available for everyone.” The way Blue Wealth wanted to bring this goal to life was by differentiating itself from the market through its independently audited research methodology – essentially, a difficult to replicate point of difference that needed to be made clear to an expanding client pool if growth aspirations were to be achieved.

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The brief, in brief – Two challenges folded into one cohesive approach

Blue Wealth have a timeless proposition and timely solutions but their online representation seemed a little stuck in time and didn’t accurately represent their brand – or effectively present their value proposition of education/information informed by cutting edge research.

Our clients are experts in what they do – not necessarily in what we do!”

Alex, BJM Digital
Event description pages on iPad & iPhone

The corporate website Blue Wealth seemed, at first glance (the glance that really matters these days), to lack warmth, it was a little overwhelming for laypeople to look at and could have better invited connection. The Blue Academy website needed to demonstrate:

Simplicity that allows for clear navigation and the Blue Wewalth brand to shine

Easily navigable
content, break down barriers between the users and what they are looking for

Safe, secure
and straightforward payment solutions

Growth through
the ability to build on existing, evergreen resources & offers

As is the case with all brands, companies and organisations we deal with, we also need to ensure the platforms are searchable so that the right audiences are connected to our clients’ content and propositions.  That work started with a cohesive look at identifying issues and prioritising solutions.

Course products show how many spaces are left, bringing urgancy to the purchase

The work behind what worked for our client

When a website offering doesn’t feel like an opportunity to a prospective client or lead – it isn’t. Perception is still reality and the reality was that in order to understand the full scope of necessary work, we needed to:

Understand the potential disconnect between user experience and both client and corporate objectives. We commenced with our web experience workshop because 360 degree clarity is key.

Enhance and preserve brand essence throughout the experience across both websites, using insights from the team to prioritise and safeguard brand elements

Build a payment gateway that allowed prospects and clients to move through the discovery and education journey, swiftly and seamlessly in a secure environment

Create a learning management system (LMS) environment that opens the door to knowledge building through content (including video as well as established training in residential property portfolio establishment, management and growth)

Events on iPad
Mobile screen designs

Working together with client teams, including external providers, is key to building and maintaining project momentum.

Matt Woods, BJM Digital

Having the experience and agility to connect and integrate efforts across the Blue Wealth, Blue Academy project teams, our own inhouse resources and SEO partners enabled the on time, in full delivery of the complete online, awareness-to-adoption funnel upon which the brief was based.

Mobile design

Here’s what success looked liked

Today, people looking to educate themselves in real estate property investment and portfolio growth, have a:

Destination that welcomes without overwhelming them

Path to access research and analytics to inform the way forward

Clear path towards ongoing learning relevant to their portfolio goals

Resonant and useful range of evergreen, interactive content via a functional LMS that is agile enough to stay in step with Blue Academy’s knowledge base.

Simple and secure payment menu

The idea of designing and building platforms that drive progression from concept to completion is not a new one. Drawing together the experience, expertise and desire to delight our clients to bring their vision to life, no matter how complex the challenge, is how we’ve always done things.

Ben McIntyre, Director BJM Digital

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