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Information Architecture Strategy

The first step in our discovery process is to explore what you – and your customers want.

I love how much everyone gets out of these sessions. Our clients come away feeling listened to and understood, and what we learn gives us the brand, customer and user insights that will give their website a unique personality and dynamic.”

Alex Power, Senior UX Designer

Creating the perfect website for your brand begins with developing a mutual understanding. You tell us about your brand, your target markets, your objectives and your idea of a perfect website, and we work together to shape the bones on which that website will be built.

Together, we discuss your ambitions for the website, and what the development pathway will look like. The idea is to collaborate on crafting a unique online ecosystem for your brand. Somewhere it can live, breathe, grow and prosper.

Following our initial Information Architecture strategy sessions, we put together a sitemap that marries your goals and dreams with our knowledge of user behaviours and aspirations to create an extraordinary user experience.


Accurate site analytics insights give us valuable data about how users behave on your current website – what they like, and how they engage with your content. With this information, we can make smarter decisions about your website design, content, and marketing strategies.

The benefit to you is improved understanding of your audience, more accurate targeting, and a better user experience overall. Together, we identify which areas to optimise, and discover new growth opportunities. Ultimately, accurate site analytics insights empower you to make informed decisions, boost conversions, and achieve digital success.

Interviews and contextual enquiries

When we talk to users, they’re thrilled to share their insights into what they want and need. Armed with this information, we can create user-centric designs and workflows that bring more visitors to the site, and learn more from them in a positive feedback loop.


Synthesising the site analytics and user feedback allows us to connect the dots and unlock innovative opportunities that will help us shape amazing user experiences. With synthesis, we can make informed choices, prioritise features, and deliver products that users love.


When we tabulate our results into a series of insights, it will help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Discovering what motivates and energises them – and what inhibits or deters your buyers – is the first step to creating a stronger and more lasting connection.

The results for you are increased engagement, higher conversions, and a far stronger product offering.

What the information Architecture Strategy session achieves

Builds trust.

When your website users enjoy their experience with your brand and find it rewarding, their trust in you grows, along with their propensity to buy from you.

Hones your competitive advantage.

You come away knowing more about your customers and what they want, and we add to that knowledge every day. The process of crafting your information architecture to your audience’s needs makes your brand stronger.

Promotes predictability.

When you plan your website according to your users’ needs, you can confidently predict their movements while online, and adjust your site to accommodate anomalies.

Facilitates forward planning.

An agreed Information Architecture gives us the basis we need to provide a comprehensive development and build timeline. We’ll set and share our milestones – and we always meet them.

Gives you confidence in us.

This phase of the project allows you to see how we work, and the results will give you a powerful insight into what your website will do and how we will build it. We’re certain that you’ll come away with a positive belief in what we’ll achieve together.

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