JobAdder: Adding joy

A cutting-edge recruitment portal and
 user-first prioritisation – together at last.

Everyone’s searching for something and in JobAdder’s world, it’s a case of serving the needs of inhouse/corporate recruiters in search of the best applicants and agencies searching for the best placements for their clients. How does one platform serve two masters of the employment universe? That’s the challenge that JobAdder asked us to address and solve, and the solution we set out to build.

JobAdder harboured some ambitious growth plans and were looking to progress their business to the next level – read global reach. Their platform uses AI skill matching to help search and evaluate existing talent databases within organisations and matches recruiters with potential employees across the world.


Put simply, JobAdder:

  • Allows HR teams to advertise roles globally
  • Conduct AI driven matching
  • Connect the recruiting organisation with the right candidate and vice versa wherever they may reside in the world

It also takes a lot of the pain out of repetitious tasks like posting to multiple job boards – with JobAdder, a recruiter can hit more boards with a single click. Wider coverage means a wider pool of talent.

In brief – A common issue explored


As a platform connecting HR managers with prospective employees, JobAdder has an ambitious mission:
“To make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved”.

The key question was how could we reflect this in our design whilst still focusing on developing a truly global portal that enabled users to process their recruitment needs quickly and simply?
In short, our approach was to learn as much as possible by:

  • Examining and defining, key audiences – HR professionals and job seekers; their individual needs and expectations and how could we ensure they were met; and how a variety of user journeys converged to achieve success?
  • Completing a forensic deep dive on JobAdder’s existing site and asking leading questions:• Was it fit for purpose?
    • Did the UX make sense for the divergent key user group?
    • Did users come away with a positive impression of JobAdder as a platform?
  • Exploring how the site could meet the aspirations of JobAdder, the Aussie start-up looking to expand globally. How could we make regionalisation simple and cost-effective?

The work – adding insights and putting them to work


We realised that both sets of users were essentially seeking the same thing- a simple and straightforward journey that straightened the long and winding road to achieving the desired, positive result by taking the confusion and pain out of recruitment.

Simplicity and intuitive UX would inform our design at every step as we:

  • Empathise with the users
  • Define users’ needs, their problem and resulting insights
  • Ideate by challenging assumptions and creating ideas for innovative solutions
  • Prototype a process critical to the creation of solutions
  • Test to ensure that the user achieves their goals

Going global

Another part of the puzzle was ensuring that JobAdder’s desired global reach was enabled and supported by the website. We leveraged our SEO experience and association with US-based expertise to make sure that JobAdder could be found independently through US, UK and AU search platforms.


Key outcomes: seamless migration, easier navigation and global reach


As JobAdder continues along its growth trajectory, expansion needs to be considered and indeed worked into the solution. The JobAdder website is:

  • Scalable – as they embark on their path to an expanded global footprint, the site can be localised for regional partners
  • Dynamic – Inclusion of dynamic content management tools, means that JobAdder can add unique landing pages in-house adding to the brand-fit, high converting landing pages that now form part of the online experience, again simplifying expansion and localisation.
  • Brand-fit – JobAdder benefits from:
    • Restructured navigation, and mapped and streamlined user pathways
    • Improved speed and responsiveness


Again, the user experience is key, and we were able to work with our client to create a brand experience that would delight JobAdder clients. One such major client, Sharp & Carter, noted the decision to go with JobAdder as their partner of choice revolved around:

“… the platform’s usability, its ease of use. You could basically get onto it and start, even with limited training and navigate your way around it.”

In short, Job Adder’s online presence is one that curates a user experience that truly resonates with the two target audiences, converting aspirations into appealing solutions – no matter where they happen to be.

BJM have loved the project and it’s safe to say we’ve loved working with them too.
Martine Pelly, Senior Strategic Projects Manager