A website that recruits enhanced UX to present JobAdders’ new brand position to the world

A big part of leading a growth agenda and strengthening a brand is the quality, usability and functionality of your digital platform. JobAdder harboured some ambitious growth plans and were looking to progress their business to the next level – read global reach – but their website was not keeping up with their aspirations. Over time, it was becoming increasingly apparent that because of complexity around editing content, disjointed and confusing navigation and general content structure, the website was not doing enough to adequately represent the brand, and more importantly, where JobAdder needed to go – and grow. 

Everyone’s searching for something and in JobAdder’s world, it’s a case of serving the needs of inhouse recruiters and agencies in search of the best applicants. How could the JobAdder website be revamped to serve the respective needs of their specific audiences without overly complicating the user experience? Just as important: how could we facilitate dynamic, regional-based content that would positively influence Organic International SEO requirements delivering against the global expansion requirements?

That’s the challenge that JobAdder asked us to address and solve, and the solution we set out to deliver on.

We needed to create a platform that made it easier for JobAdder to:

Be found via a clean, well-structured site architecture to improve SEO performance over time.

Represent their brand. Working with their Brand Agency during a brand refresh, it was a crucial step to ensure the brand application and brand perception was spot on.

Perform online. The evolving market offered opportunities to optimise conversion performance around lead generation. We needed to address speed and performance, user experience indexation optimisation on Google according to measures like Core Web Vitals and Pagespeed Insights.

Enable global content teams to manage and update content with ease, which was not possible on their previous website with inherent key person dependencies.

Benefit from a trusted digital partner experienced in bringing brands to life with tried and tested and proven process.

Despite having the best product on market, the website was not providing a good perception of the product when compared to competitors. Knowing that their website is where people assess credibility and assess their next step with a brand, JobAdder knew by engaging experts and applying the right level of investment and strategic foundation to deliver a world class website, the JobAdder brand would be positioned in the best possible light.

In short, our role was to reward JobAdder’s investment and trust in strategy to ensure the brand represented true to the Brand Agency vision, and brought to life with a real focus on UX and information architecture.

In brief – A common issue explored

As a platform designed to empower recruitment agencies and staffing professionals, JobAdder has an ambitious mission; “To make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved”.

The key question was how could we reflect this in our design whilst still focusing on developing a truly global portal that enabled users to process their recruitment needs quickly and simply? In short, our approach was to learn as much as possible by:

  • Examining and defining, key audiences – HR professionals and job seekers; their individual needs and expectations and how could we ensure they were met; and how a variety of user journeys converged to achieve success?
  • Completing a forensic deep dive on JobAdder’s existing site and asking leading questions:
    • Was it fit for purpose?
    • Did the UX make sense for the divergent key user group?
    • Did users come away with a positive impression of JobAdder as a platform?
    • Was the SEO effective and maximising the organic reach and potential of the market?
  • Exploring how the site could meet the global expansion aspirations of JobAdder, the Aussie scale-up also looking to facilitate dynamic, regional based content to cater for global audiences. 

We realised that both sets of users were essentially seeking the same thing- a simple and straightforward platform that makes the recruitment process more efficient to achieving the desired, positive result by taking the confusion and pain out of recruitment.

Simplicity and intuitive UX would inform our design at every step as we know the website too needed to also provide a similar experience of ease of use and clarity for the user:

Examining and defining, key audiences – HR professionals and job seekers; their individual needs and expectations and how could we ensure they were met; and how a variety of user journeys converged to achieve success?

Going global

Another part of the puzzle was ensuring that JobAdder’s desired global reach was enabled and supported by the website. We leveraged our Technical SEO experience and in close collaboration with US-based agency, From the Future, to make sure that JobAdder could be found organically on US, UK and AU search engines by people seeking solutions to their unique recruitment needs.

Key outcomes – seamless user experience, brand positioning and global reach

As JobAdder continues along its growth trajectory, expansion needs to be considered and indeed worked into the solution. The JobAdder website is:

  • Scalable – as they embark on their path to an expanded global footprint, the site can be localised for regional-based content and managed by dispersed global content teams. 
  • Dynamic – Inclusion of dynamic content blocks to easily address the interrelated content requirements across the website
  • Supports marketing efforts – Campaign and Landing Pages mean that JobAdder can fully self-service with the ability to add and deploy unique campaigns without agency support, simplifying expansion capability with their marketing partners through targeted content that is measurable.
  • Speed and performance – the website performs well against recognised speed metrics and utilises highly compliant SEO practices to maximise performance against search engines stringent requirements
  • Brand-fit – Positions the brand as a preferred choice again competitors and communicates their core propositions effectively for a memorable brand experience
  • Fully supported – Following launch, having BJM Digital as a partner to support, maintain and enhance their investment as the business and their reach evolves

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