A compelling website based on solid strategic foundations

Our Brief

Staying on brand as you guide or even steer users down a predetermined digital path towards a goal of your mutual choosing is complicated work. And it becomes more difficult still, when the experience needs to feel natural, intuitive, rewarding and seamlessly compliment 4 entities. In this case, how do you create a user experience (UX) that brings the brand to life and communicates, to the point of organic interaction, solutions that address the varied motivations of each target audience? The natural extension of that question is how can we simplify and make crystal-clear, an otherwise complex web of key messaging?

These are quite common questions, usually found at the very heart of a brief. The best answer (instead of just one of the right ones) is never as simple but experience does pave the paths to predictable excellence. These are the roads we travelled down for two decades and why in this case The Premium Content Alliance made up of the founding stakeholders Foxtel, Foxtel Media, News Corp Australia, Nine Network 10 and Seven West Media – trusted in us to do so once again for ThinkPremiumDigital, but let’s start with the brief.

Creating something distinct yet connected

ThinkPremiumDigital is a key part of the Premium Content Alliance, with ThinkTV and ThinkNewsBrands completing the picture. The challenge before us called for an experience that guided a specific journey to information and data that was unique to its role it plays within the Alliance. This was a challenging piece requiring a content strategy and collaborative workshop that took into account, a myriad of user needs and client functionality and deliverables.

Our Solution – Effective strategy paves the path to success

As always, a key step in designing an effective digital solution is understanding what the client wanted the user to do (and do next). Once all parties have a firm grip on that vital piece of information, thought and resources then turn to the “how” of it. That’s where our content strategy piece comes in. Armed with our Adaptive Advantage, that preserves the immediacy of instant connection while insulating our work against the short-sightedness that renders so many web solutions obsolete before their time, our content strategy helped ensure that:

  • the strategy behind the message is preserved and delivered in clear concise terms to the user
  • information and resources are identified quickly
  • user tasks are completed efficiently

With these benefits of our content strategy now in play, our client could be certain that they would be engaging the right audiences in the right ways. In concert with our logical next steps, wireframing and visual architecture, we were able to communicate exactly how the site would speak to and service the needs of users and stakeholders alike.

This process went far beyond showing what would be placed on what page, it involved taking the team with whom we worked, on the same journey as their target audience – actively demonstrating how success will be achieved.

Delivering a premium product to a premium brand

From the carefully-considered positioning and integration of renowned Australian content to the easily digestible presentation of data, the premium feel engages marketers by creating a digital environment that feels more like an immersive resource. All these initial impressions combine to grab the user’s attention and take them deeper into the premium UX design, where more detail and authoritative research can be found.

Working with BJM on the ThinkPremiumDigital website was a flawless experience. The design and development “dream team” ensured the process was seamless and enjoyable, and delivered a premium end product that accurately reflects the brand.

BJM Digital Client Premium Content AllianceDanielle McWilliam Head of CX, Premium Content Alliance
BJM Digital

Excellence, on purpose

When we design for client success, it is done with great care and specificity. Excellence isn’t just a desired outcome, it’s a baseline expectation. Our decades of experience, our proven delivery process and our Adaptive Advantage, allow the client to see the path to success with their own eyes and feel confident that all desired outcomes will be met.

In addition, our time in this industry has taught us that perception is not always representative of reality. Take WordPress for example. Users and developers alike often laud WP’s ease of use and widespread popularity, particularly among sole traders and start-ups but we hear little of its broad acceptance and benefit to enterprises on the commercial landscape. The fact is that rather than the misconception of it being simply the go-to for start-ups, we know WordPress powers over 30% of the world’s websites, and is the driving force behind some of the most creative digital executions for some of the largest global brands within that. Why? Well, there are many reasons, which is good because it would take more than one to demonstrate how flexible the platform enables in essence, infinite possibilities for customisation. However, above and beyond the fact that WordPress left its blogsite roots behind years ago, scalability, security and adaptability make it the right option for many enterprise level clients around the world.

Such was the case with ThinkPremiumDigital. They were delivered a beautifully designed, functionally flawless website that stands alone yet remains connected to an overarching entity that values excellence, quality content and brilliant experiences.

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