Nexus hospitals

Combining multiple existing digital properties to help showcase Nexus Hospital’s vision for the future of private health.

Our Brief

Nexus Hospitals operates short stay hospitals in locations throughout Australia, focussing on providing a boutique service to surgeons and their patients across a range of targeted medical specialties.

Launching their new brand in 2019, the team from Nexus had a clear goal; their new website would clearly communicate the key values of Nexus as an innovative leader for sustainable change within the private healthcare industry.

The integration of 12 hospitals into the group increased the technical complexity of the project, requiring consideration for how best to manage the migration of existing digital properties into the new website.

Future vision

Understanding the client’s vision and how each project fits within it presents an opportunity to achieve more than just the scoped deliverables. Real value comes from this deeper understanding and is something we are constantly focused on as we develop our client relationships. With Nexus, we began by exploring their broader objectives, their mission and unique vision for private healthcare. This knowledge was essential to the project’s success and something we pride ourselves in delivering to our clients.

Strategic thinking

Arguably the most important piece of any website is the content strategy. Without a clear understanding of your different audiences and how best to speak to each, you can never achieve real success with a project.

Our strategy sessions with Nexus ensured we identified each website user persona and honed the content types that would best work with each. Developing these user personas and their individual journeys and delivering a complete content and messaging architecture provided the foundation for our design. Great design is more than just looking good, it has to work to effectively convey the client’s message and service their user’s needs.

Delivering our solution

With a clear path forward after the content strategy was complete, we set about putting into action our proven delivery process. Developing the website wireframes informed by our strategy further clarified the key content pieces to be provided by the client and reinforced the work we put into the strategic direction for the site.

Our in-house team meticulously refined the design and implementation, arriving at a site that not only looks great, but is great to use and conveys the Nexus brand perfectly.

Delivering practical, specific content clearly to patients, while also representing Nexus Hospitals to surgeons and other healthcare professionals was a challenge we happily accepted and achieved.


The new Nexus Hospitals website provides a platform to showcase their vision for the future of private health. It speaks directly to their core audiences and has integrated the content of multiple existing digital properties without any disruption, or impact on existing search performance.

We delivered their new site on time, to meet a tight deadline for their rebranding, making sure their new digital presence was a fitting representation of this exceptional private healthcare provider. Nexus couldn’t be happier with our solution and we’re proud to have exceeded their expectations and excited about our future together.

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