Brand Architects

A custom online portfolio and CMS that can be updated and edited with ease.

Our Brief

Brand Architects is a Melbourne based practice focused on the delivery of environmentally and socially responsible architecture. Their current website was technically and visually dated, with a CMS that was complicated and slow to use.

Our Solution

We designed and developed a website which enabled Brand Architects to update and display their ever growing portfolio with ease.

A clean layout and angled corners where used to give emphases to the project images and relate back to the architects current branding.

Design was a key factor with this site. As a strong and successful architect group who work with big budget clients, it was critical that we gave the website a professional and contemporary feel. Brand Architects website is one of the key materials helping them turn leads into successful sales, giving it the key task of providing a strong first impression for the company.

Custom Photography

Custom photography and design is a great way to add that personal feel to your website. It helps connect your brand with the user, showing that your business consists of real people and is critical to achieving that professional first impression.

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