Rebranding education to feel right at home

How we helped Euka create their vision online

Central to our mission is to help clients bring their brand to life and achieve their commercial goals through the design, build and optimisation of their online solutions. And because websites are the window to a brand’s reputation, smart businesses are looking to unearth and leverage every advantage and opportunity through online solutions. One such smart company, Euka, a company that exists to advance and evolve traditional education and curricular models was seeking to do just that – and more.


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In brief

Euka’s brand ambitions and the challenges to be overcome

With an expansive and ambitious plan to position themselves as the leader in a market offering significant growth opportunities, Euka wanted to redefine the traditional homeschool experience. By advancing the concept of “future learning” they could secure preferred-supplier status ahead of increasing competition. To that end, Euka sought a trusted and experienced digital partner. When we spoke with Euka, it was clear that they needed us to:

Focus on the user and the journey that would bring them to the solutions they sought

Overhaul and streamline the Information Architecture so that users could easily find relevant information and resources

Collaborate with the brand agency to accurately represent and position Euka, embedding brand consistency across all touchpoints

Enhance brand perception, build credibility and position the Euka offer as the optimal solution for a broad, target audience

In addition, we found that due to the volume and organisational structure of information available to users of Euka’s then existing online vehicle, the resulting administrative burden slowed their sales process. We were further challenged to build a content strategy that could address this issue that stood between Euka and the achievement of its ambitious growth targets.

The work

building a home for future learning from the ground up

Unfortunately, there are cases where web developers lean on the client to come up with solutions to the challenges they face. So, one of the most mutually satisfying pieces of feedback that we received from Euka was that they didn’t feel like they had to come up with the answers. This is an important thought. After all, as the saying goes, if the client has to come with all the answers, what would they need a strategic project team for?

With project management being one of our key strengths we were able to get to work by:

  • Exploring every facet of the client-facing business as well as understanding functions within Euka, to ensure that solutions would work for and deliver value to both users and team members respectively
  • Using our Web Experience Workshop and Strategy to devise a tailored content strategy that aligned to the intended user journey as well as business imperatives
  • Designing the information architecture that simplified, categorised and effectively guided users to the information and resources most important to them without compromising the depth of detail required to ensure complete understanding
  • Maintain clear, transparent and regular communications across “one team”, openly discussing and resolving any timeline and variations-related items on the agenda

As a cross-functional team, our people made significant investments in time and effort to ensure that Euka and the users it serves were positioned to thrive from the moment of launch and into the future.

The design and build was of course a crucial piece of the puzzle. Understanding that Euka had set some ambitious and unique goals, it was critical that we created a future-facing platform for the future of education. We then set about:

  • Ensuring flexibility and adaptability leveraging WordPress and “Gutenburg” to allow endless variations based on the established, custom design blocks. This is important as it positions Euka meets the needs of its users beyond the present, initial engagement and allows them the flexibility to manage content autonomously as the business evolves
  • Focusing on functionality and mandatory features that would both enhance the user journey but also service the requirements of the business:
    • launch management with zero downtime or glitches;
    • Stripe payment integration and functionality;
    • Fully customised purchasing flow to support unique business processes, seamlessly built on WordPress/WooCommerce

Key outcomes

A quantifiable boost to the future of future learning

Brand perception and user experience aren’t just terms, they are the “must have” building blocks of business today and into the future. Euka knew that, which is why they felt that bringing their brand vision to life and streamlining the user journey to engagement and facilitate ease of purchase was imperative. We took that very seriously and as a result we delivered a:

  • Beautiful, brand-fit design that captured the essence of Euka’s vision in terms of both aesthetic and functionality
  • Customised strategic user purchasing pathway that anticipates needs at every step of the journey
  • Future-focused, fully tested build that was deeply considered and expertly executed

Euka was delighted with the experience of working with us and the solution we had delivered – now a truly great pillar around which they could build and grow their business into the future.

And speaking of the business, Euka reported back to us that since launching, they had experienced a:

55% increase in average spend by customers

Significant increase in conversion

Reduction in administrative issues freeing up the team to focus on higher-value tasks

Increase in opportunities to focus on upselling and adding value to the user experience

This was a significant project with potentially far-reaching benefits beyond its successful delivery and we did it all on time and in full. But to us, a website does not operate in isolation to the wider business, but it is an important piece of the wider commercial ecosystem. Having built and fostered a great relationship as Euka’s Digital Partner, we continue to work with them on key projects that focus on the long-term objectives of future learning.

We knew the importance a website would play in successfully taking this new brand to market. We needed a partner that would take the time to understand not only the brand but also the mission we’re setting out to achieve. They have been phenomenal in achieving this. The look and feel of the website, along with the customer journey has hit all the goals we set out to achieve. I would highly recommend speaking with the team at BJM.
Jarryd Van Poppel, CEO - Euka Future Learning