Why your content matters, and how content templates can help you.

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Of course you know your content matters, but do you know why? Who is reading it? Does it matter to them? Is it who your targeting?When you set out to create content on your site, if you don’t have a plan or an audience in mind you can end up with less than desirable results. Spending the time on a good content strategy is key to success.

Content templates are a great way to ensure you are getting the repeatable results you want, and need. You can create your own, or leverage the pools of resources online to get you started. Some things to consider when setting out to create your own templates

  • Audience – who are you talking to?
  • Intention – what are you trying to say, and why?
  • Ownership – who will tend this garden once it’s planted?
  • Type – what type of content are you creating? A blog post, a social post, newsletter, PDF etc.
  • Calls to Action – where is my audience going next? 

Try using a Google Doc Template with these questions in it, to use when you start thinking about a new piece of content will be a valuable exercise and improve your results. As you continue your journey to Content Zen you can expand your templates to better suit you needs.

The main thing to do, is to start. Namaste.

Ashley Pickering

Design Lead



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