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BJM Design has recently partnered with Bicycle Network to support and enhance their users digital experience and online presence. We are really excited about this partnership, here’s why:

  1. We are cyclists – a number of us commute from far and near along paths, roads, train lines and riverways for transport, leisure and to race. Through these networks we have gained long lasting friendships and connections of which we are thankful for; and
  2. We attend their cycling events – this is where we have married our local and cycling community with our professional community. From conversations and network connections we have combined our passion together with working relationships; and
  3. We are Bicycle Network members – we have contributed to supporting the invaluable work of Bicycle Network so our experiences of riding are both realised and improved. Now, to give back and contribute to the organisation and ultimately to the wider cycling community is a privilege. We too have become advocates for cycling. 

On the back of Bicycle Network bringing their charitable support and enthusiasm to the cycling community, we want to bring them our expertise in website design and development to provide them and their customers a positive digital experience. We will work alongside Bicycle Network as digital developers to employ:

  • Creative graphic design; 
  • Customer experience design;
  • Strategic technical planning and development;
  • Digital maintenance & support and;
  • Future digital planning. 

We have untethered enthusiasm for organisations that build community through events and communication. Bicycle Network’s motto, ‘more people cycling more often’ make us want to ride our bikes, making our lives that much better. 

Ashley Pickering

Design Lead



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