The void between engagement & effectiveness

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I recently read a great insightful post from Nina Christian around how Brands are all upping their content game right now during and post COVID-19 more than ever… because they have to. Couldn’t agree more. We all continue to see great examples of people bunkering down, coming out of the woodwork and creating content relentlessly. What was recently a fairly level playing field, however, is now ridden with fierce competition. Great for online business… or is it?

When done well with authenticity and connection, this content rightfully sits long before you have something to offer. We’ve all seen good examples of this out there now.

I’m concerned however that when these engaged audiences are ready to purchase and move off social channels, despite the “upped content game”, too many fall short by not backing it up with a great website that ultimately connects, resonates and strategically converts. My experience says, there’s a lot of really disappointing websites simply missing the mark.

To be truly effective commercially (assuming that’s your strategy) they must go hand in hand.

So, my question?

Do you see how this period is creating greater engagement through increased focus on content, but conversely lacking the same level of effort when addressing website effectiveness?

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Ashley Pickering

Design Lead



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