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Here’s 3 tips to keep in mind as you get started on your SEO strategy and keep you moving in the right direction.

Content check

  • Are you talking to your Buyer Personas with your content?
  • Are you addressing all stages of the Buyer’s Journey for your customers?
  • Are you posting regular blogs or articles on your site?
  • Do you know what content on your site ranks well, and why?
  • Do you need to update any old content to be more relevant? Have things changed since the last time you wrote about that subject?

These may seem like obvious things, but you’d be surprised what you will uncover by just asking yourself those questions while looking through the content on your site.

Boost your social presence

Social Media can be a huge input for traffic and will give you a great source of hungry visitors if you leverage it well. A simple monthly plan of what you’re posting and when will give you an idea of any gaps, or how you might cluster content your audience finds interesting. You can also schedule posts ahead of time so you don’t need to worry about them. 

Get writing!

Without regular, quality content targeted at your users that speaks to their problems you’re just firing off shots in the dark. Make sure you start your dialogues with your customers by crafting the right content and keeping that momentum going. You can be sure of putting yourself in the best position to drive value from your website, through its content for your business.

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