Experiencing a comprehensive solution to a complex problem, for a compassionate client

As always, successful Apps are built on the solid foundations of scoping and pre-work to establish mutual understanding and agreement of the goals ranging from the all-important user experience, right the way back to the big 4 elements that drive said UX:

1. Strategic thinking
2. Journey mapping
3. Wireframe
4. Prototyping

These steps proved critical in delivering a complete and highly functional user experience solution for a successful App on the Salesforce Community Platform. And at the heart of our collaboration with Redkite – a shared calling:

For those that would offer support and funding, a simple and obstacle-free e-highway for their goodwill and financial support needed to be created

Our Brief

Redkite came to us with a complex problem that instantly touched the heart of every member of the BJM team. For 30 years, Redkite have provided essential support to both children with cancer and their loved ones, but there still existed an unmet need – to find a way to equip families with the knowledge, tools and means to claim and manage the financial assistance they deserve (and a way for social workers to do the same on a family’s behalf). We came on board and summoned all our user experience and analytical expertise in order to meet and exceed that need.

Our Solution

In direct response to user needs and requirements, we set out to tackle the complexity and stumbling blocks in search of simplification on the way to optimal user experiences. By mapping a clear user journey for each of the many scenarios that might face a stakeholder, we understood that “our” 5-point definition of “usability” would apply to designed solutions:

  • Effectiveness – ensuring users can complete their goals with a high degree of accuracy
  • Efficiency – in a word – speed. How fast can the user get the job done?
  • Engagement – when the user finds the product pleasant and gratifying to use
  • Error Tolerance – ensuring that users can easily recover from an error and get back to the task at hand
  • Ease of Learning – the extent to which steps become second nature when they use it for the first time and every time after that

Using wireframes and journey maps, we devised simple, logical, step-by-step processes that would allow both families and social workers to apply, secure and manage funding, without having to disentangle the red tape themselves. The many convoluted paths to funding became a single, straight road.

The application of “Design Thinking”

The thinking and strategy that sits behind a straight line between a challenge/issue/problem (point A) and the solution (point B) can only be drawn by effective “design thinking”. In recognition of this truism, we set to work ensuring that our design thinking did, in fact:

  • Empathise with the users
  • Define users’ needs, their problem and resulting insights
  • Ideate by challenging assumptions and creating ideas for innovative solutions
  • Prototype a process critical to the creation of solutions
  • Test to ensure that the user achieves their goals

Sometimes, a client’s requirement goes beyond mere commerce or customer satisfaction and becomes something more vital; bridging a gap in the way society can care for its own in times of distress, anguish and need.

More than a total funding management experience

Our journey mapping and wireframing incorporated more than the streamlining of funding pipelines. Through close collaboration with Redkite and thorough research, we addressed the need for the following additional features to optimise the user experience, including:

  • Reassurance – provided by bill collation, tracking and notification
  • Peace of mind – with voucher management and related balance checks
  • Choice – thanks to avenues to explore eligibility for further assistance
  • Clarity – via an information feed offering advisory, strategy and Redkite community updates
  • Support – through the option of allowing social worker access to a family’s user experience to shoulder the burden and maximise benefits
  • Access – by directly linking users to Redkite support

A collaboration that made all the difference

The project got right to the heart of what matters in life, which helped BJM and Redkite connect instantly.

As an organisation, Redkite’s primary mission is to solve problems, so when they came to understand our philosophy on creative solutions to complex challenges, they remarked that: “With BJM there was no problem too hard to solve. They truly helped make a complex process as simple as it could be.”

Our shared desire to make life easier for families in the midst of extreme difficulty fuelled our drive to identify the best possible user experiences on this special collaboration and we were all delighted with the outcomes.

The team worked with us in true partnership applying their UX expertise to our business
needs and delivering a quality product. With BJM there was no problem too hard to solve.
Their communication and transparency is excellent and they are very receptive to feedback. They truly helped make a complex process as simple as it could be.”

Martine Pelly, Senior Strategic Projects Manager

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