Our Brief

LUCRF Super wanted to focus on efforts in generating a higher level of customer engagement and create clarity around the benefits and service offerings for existing members. While some of the concepts around superannuation are simple on the surface, for many there is confusion around their entitlement, and how it works.

Our Solution

To combat the confusion, we storyboarded, illustrated and produced a series of animations, covering a number of key topics.

One of LUCRF Supers unique offerings is their complimentary advice for members. We wanted to create an avenue to encourage members to access this service rather then trying to explain the entire offering or concept of each topic in a video. Doing so would be both challenging given the unique scenarios of each member and too longwinded to hold peoples attention.

During the script writing process, we made sure to keep each video short and sharp. This way messages were delivered in bite-size chunks, giving the viewer a desire to find out more about products on offer. LUCRF can now take these increased leads and deliver value to members through their great customer service and increased engagement.