Ongoing trust, care and expertise is what keeps clients and patients for that matter endorsing your services and relying on your ongoing support.

Simply creating the perfect website for a client is only ever half the story for us here at BJM Digital. We strive to become the go-to option for our clients when an upgrade, addition or redesign is needed. Such was the case for leading eye surgeon, Dr. Ben Connell and his website

Our Brief

A personal, professional and technical evolution

In 2014, Dr. Ben Connell entrusted us to create a website that introduced potential patients to his specialised skillset and distinctive brand of professionalism. After six years of evolving and growing his practice, Dr. Connell decided that his website design should reflect that evolution. Thanks to our continued professional and personal relationship, BJM Digital proved to be the preferred website (re) development option.

Six years is a lifetime in terms of advancements in both medical treatments and UX design, so our intentions were aligned in many ways from the start. Upgrading the perception of Dr. Connell’s website to reflect his successes, was coupled with the opportunity to utilise new technologies and meet the increased demands of professional personal branding.

Above all else, we recognised that patients require easy-to-find, clearly presented information on specialised care and expertise as their general outlook on life is affected by the treatment they select.

Our Solution

Updating excellence

On a macro level, our intention was to bring into 2020. Here the website of a professional practitioner should present the assurances, weight and scope of larger industry counterparts because at the end of the day the care and treatment is personal.

With that intention in mind, we:

  • Created a totally new design across all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • Modernised the overall aesthetic – professional yet warm
  • Enhanced the user experience – the site is more flexible and easier to navigate
  • Built on existing site content and migrated it to a new (customised WordPress CMS) platform, preserving a legacy of excellence
  • Allowed users to ‘get to know’ Dr. Connell through exposure to his practice and professionalism

Picture precision

The power of original photography

Working together on every aspect of web design assures optimal results – we know this from 20 years of success in this business. Dr. Connell took a particular liking to a specific set of images, sourced during his online research. We responded by capturing the spirit of his favoured pictures by creating original images using Dr. Connell as the primary subject. With his air of warmth and professionalism we worked to ensure his face was as synonymous with his personal brand as his logo.


The results and our client’s reaction to them were very complimentary, as it delivered what he wanted (the feel of his chosen sourced imagery) by capturing the essence of his work life and practice. Dr Ben Connell’s business was made that much more personal for prospective and existing patients.

Ongoing relationships lead to ongoing success

Working side-by-side with a client over the life of their business and contributing to and celebrating their successes is a pleasure and is one of the inspirations that brings us to work each day. The story is one of working directly with a client for whom we had successfully created an effective online presence afforded us a great deal of freedom thanks to accrued familiarity and trust. The post-delivery feedback was gratifying to say the least because as always, our success is built on our clients’ success.

We’re just designed that way.