Premium Services Retainers

Use our monthly prepaid premium retainers to ensure the continued success of your digital investment.

How it helps you

Monthly retainers give you priority access to our team of digital professionals. Our Retainer Plans have been created to suit varying needs, from basic support keeping your site updated behind-the-scenes, to premium plans that provide you with a full suite of analytics, design & UX and new page builds. Retainers are an ideal way of keeping your digital investment and brand perception secured with access to instant support when you need it.

Our retainers include

Phone & Email Support
Client portal access
Weekly ticket updates
WordPress core updates
Account Management

$960per month

Our entry level retainer for ensuring maintenance of your digital investment.

  • Phone and email support
  • Client portal access for tracking requests
  • Weekly ticket updates via email
  • WordPress core/security updates
$1,840per month

A great balance of enhanced support to complement our core offering.

  • Everything in Small +
  • Website monitoring (availability)
  • Google Analytics dashboard setup
  • Weekly phone scheduling/planning
  • 3rd-party plugin updates (excluding WooCommerce)
$3,440per month

Our most popular plan. When you're ready to see real results from your digital presence, we're ready to help.

  • Everything in Medium +
  • Strategy/forecasting
  • New feature recommendations
  • Google Analytics Dashboards setup
  • Email Marketing Campaign assets
$4,800per month

The big kahuna. We'll work together on fine-tuning and taking your successes to the next level.

  • Everything in Large +
  • Campaign Landing Page assets
  • Monthly Zoom strategy call
  • Performance monitoring and optimisations

Full Comparison

Monthly cost (AUD ex GST)$960$1840$3440$4800
One-time setup fee$200$200$200$200
Phone and email support
Phone and email support S M L XL
Client portal access for tracking requests
Client portal access for tracking requests S M L XL
Weekly ticket updates via email
Weekly ticket updates via email S M L XL
WordPress core/security updates
WordPress core/security updates S M L XL
Website monitoring (availability)
Website monitoring (availability) S M L XL
Google Analytics dashboard setup
Google Analytics dashboard setup S M L XL
Weekly phone scheduling/planning
Weekly phone scheduling/planning S M L XL
3rd-party plugin updates (excluding WooCommerce)
3rd-party plugin updates (excluding WooCommerce) S M L XL
Strategy/forecasting S M L XL
New feature recommendations
New feature recommendations S M L XL
Google Analytics Dashboards setup
Google Analytics Dashboards setup S M L XL
Email Marketing Campaign assets
Email Marketing Campaign assets S M L XL
Campaign Landing Page assets
Campaign Landing Page assets S M L XL
Monthly Zoom strategy call
Monthly Zoom strategy call S M L XL
Performance monitoring and optimisations
Performance monitoring and optimisations S M L XL

All prices are shown in AUD and exclude VAT. Retainers renew on the 1st of each month. New retainers require 2 week lead time for issue of first invoice. Unused hours will expire at the start of a new retainer period and cannot be added to the next period.
We regularly check our customers are on the correct Retainer Plan for them, giving you the best value of service for your money.


How we work

We have one aim and it’s likely to be the same as yours: get your consumers/users/communities to connect with your products and services in a way that invites them in and makes them feel like they’re in the right place at the right time.  That’s it.