Punthill Apartment Hotels

Website / UX design and development that boosts Punthill’s conversion rates across their website and digital marketing campaigns.

Our Brief

Punthill offers spacious, stylish apartment accommodation in 13 locations across Melbourne and Brisbane. While its existing website was performing adequately, Punthill wanted to boost conversions and ROI by delivering an exceptional guest user experience.

Our Solution

Working closely with Punthill and its existing lead-generation agency, we developed a comprehensive website-refresh strategy to improve user-experience, boost page-speeds and drive higher booking and enquiry rates.  We took an evolutionary approach to this task, introducing advanced yet proven UX improvements, while respecting the established look and feel of the site.

Our team tracked each enhancement’s deployment so that Punthill could measure the specific impact on enquiries and sales.

Long Stay

Long Stay apartment bookings are highly valued and heavily competitive in Melbourne and Brisbane, but Punthill’s existing page was text-heavy, poorly targeted and lacked engagement.

We built a fresh, engaging page designed to clearly highlight key user benefits and maximise enquiries. Our mobile-first strategy optimised the page for Punthill’s most significant user group first – phone and tablet users.

Previously producing very few enquiries, Punthill’s new page generated several leads for multi-thousand-dollar bookings within the first month.


The substantial increase in valuable, long-stay enquiries has been astonishing.
Keiran Spencer, Punthill Apartment Hotels