Our Brief

Mesh AI enables an enhanced customer experience through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) predictive sales, self service and guidance.

As a professional start-up, Mesh Ai needed a strong brand strategy and a unique visual application to capture the attention of potential investors at the early stages of the companies growth. A bold and modern look was needed to ensure investors got hooked from their first impression.

Our Solution

Our process successfully created a fresh new Identity and brand application for MeshAI.

We worked closely with their team throughout all stages of this project, collaborating through the concepting stage to lock-in a solid overall brand direction early. Adding in their key business objectives helped nail down this strategy making sure it was an appropriate solution that reflects the brand in its market.

The key was to roll-out a ’human’ feel to all elements of the brand, appealing to the end user and keeping the technolody side hidden.

To do this we created visuals that have a light heart feel. From the custom rounded logotype, to the bold colour palette that runs throughout their marketing and directly onto the app itself.