BASF Termidor

A custom-built B2C website for the global chemical company, BASF and their termite protection product, Termidor.

Our Brief

As the leading termite protection solution in the country, the Termidor website required an update to match the new brand guide for BASF and maintain key functionality for the pest control division.

Customer warranties and a postcode locator were key aspects of the site that had to remain, as we brought the rest of the site up to todays expected levels of design and UX.

Our Solution

We developed a new website design and custom WordPress CMS build showcasing Termidor products in a clear, easy to navigate site. Our experience working to brand guidelines with many clients ensures this site sits well within the broader BASF landscape, and remains a strong asset for their global presence.

Customers can easily find Termidor applicators in their area, and once they have received treatment, homeowners can lodge warranty applications for Termidor’s market leading $2M Assurance Warranty. This allows BASF staff to efficiently manage the application process, approve applications and also automate follow-up with reminders to homeowners over the course of their warranty to ensure re-application at required intervals.

Integration with a legacy CRM platform meant that BASF could retain access to valuable customer and applicator data, but still keep the customer facing website current and up to date with modern design.

CRM Integration – Postcode Search for Accredited Applicators

Homeowners can easily find accredited Termidor applicators in their area using the postcode search on the site. After entering their postcode and email, they receive a list of Termidor professionals near them, making it easy to ensure they are receiving correct treatment and they will remain eligible for BASFs $2M Assurance Warranty.

Warranty Process and CRM Integration

Homeowners can lodge their warranty applications online, via a simple, easy to use form on the Termidor website. This process is integrated with BASF legacy CRM systems, to ensure continuity of business process for BASF and retain access to valuable customer data without having to perform a costly migration to a new platform.

Once lodged, BASF staff can approve successful applications, homeowners receive a warranty certificate and will then receive automated followup for future Termidor treatments required by the terms of the warranty. These notifications are also received by the Accredited Operator responsible for application, so they can manage the process directly with customers.