Our Brief

Ansell is a global business with multiple sales teams over a wide geographical area. They challenged us to create an engaging product knowledge and training tool that could be used simply and securely by worldwide teams and convey dense comparison data clearly and accessibly.

Our Solution

Our digital solution was to deliver a tool that could directly compare an Ansell product with its competitors’ equivalent product in a simple, engaging manner.

For a compelling experience, we developed a single-page web-app with Angular that uses Microsoft Azure to authenticate existing Ansell users, without needing to manage a separate login system. Our app pulls in data from a back-end CMS, allowing Ansell to manage product data and comparisons itself.

Stakeholder Engagement

The solution’s global nature required significant investment in effective project management and consultation with several Ansell business units. Our team’s clear communication and technical expertise enabled us to navigate each requirement and helped drive a successful outcome within the predicted timeframe and budget.

I've worked on many global accounts over my career, and BJM Design have produced a truly world class solution for us
Global Communications Manager, Ansell

User Acceptance Testing

A well-considered testing strategy is vital to any successful project. With Ansell’s geographically-dispersed user group, this project made it even more essential.

We worked closely with Ansell to create a fully-managed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) strategy. This was rolled out to team leaders in each region, who then engaged with their local users. We collated all responses in a single online system for easy review, verification and analysis.

By completion of this phase, all stakeholders were confident our solution met their objectives, worked correctly across all target platforms and was ready for deployment.